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My Guitar Rose showing at ArtPrize Grand Rapids, Mi

My Guitar Rose showing at ArtPrize Grand Rapids, Mi


I’m very excited in two weeks I will have my first showing of a piece of art at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, MI Sept 24 – Oct 12!

My guitar rose took over four weeks to complete. I am in the process of adding to the piece by adding a guitar body as the base. I also am recreating the bug creatures because I put them with my Mom when she passed away two years ago. I’m also making a pedestal for the…

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Depression Fog


I wish people who have never suffered from depression could just for one day experience the crippling fog that comes from depression. The fog that so thick and dense that you have to take a jackhammer just to make any dent into that billowing, pea soup like fog. It’s not just a fog but an enormous spiderweb as well constantly pulling at your limbs like a spider to a fly.

Just for one day… They…

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Vote For My Skull Flower Design on Threadless

Vote For My Skull Flower Design on Threadless

I’ve recently started to focus my energy on my art. My dream has always to have a career where I am able to use my creativity. Threadless is a tshirt company where all the tshirts are design by artists from all over the world.

My Skull Flower design which I created for the Tattoo design challenge on Threadless will be up for voting for the next seven days. Help get my design printed by scoring a…

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What’s So Wrong With Using Tranny?

What’s So Wrong With Using Tranny?

I’m sure most in the LGBT community have heard something recently regarding the controversy over the use of some terms used on RuPaul’s Drag Race which is aired on the Logo Network and more specifically the use of the word tranny.

RuPaul argues, “It’s not the word itself, but the intention behind the word.” This is the same argument when people use the word “retard” or other offensive slang. The…

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Million Dollar Mama

To some tonight probably wasn’t the best night to watch Million Dollar Baby but to me it was something I had to do. I kind of dreaded today being you know what… Up until the evening I was handling it okay, even with the countless status updates wishing everyone a “Happy Mothers Day.” It wasn’t until I saw a endless stream of all my facebook friends posting pictures of them with with your moms or…

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The Difference a Year Makes

It’s been a while since I have wrote on my blog. I just passed my one year anniversary of my suicide attempt and I have been reflecting on the last year. While I can’t say that I’m happy I can say that I’m in a better place mentally than I was a year ago. While I still struggle with depression it’s not as extreme and when I do have a flair up the episodes don’t last as long.

Someone asked me what…

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